Calming Anxiety & Stress

Why not join us for a menopause focused workshop called “Calming Stress & Anxiety Through the Menopause.

There’s a lot of talk about menopause at the moment. It seems to be the hot topic! – or maybe I’m just more aware of all the references on social media these days. Websites, helpful blog posts and memes are all full of information – but nothing can describe it adequately until you experience it for yourself.

Why not join me for a menopause focused workshop where I will be teaching you some very simple self help techniques to help keep you calm and stress free.

During the 2 hour workshop we will discuss the impact that anxiety and stress has on the body and all its systems and the knock on effect this has on your overall health. We will discuss the different stages of the menopause, take a look at diet, exercise, sleep and how you can manage your symptoms using some simple practical reflexology techniques.

The routine that you will learn is tailored to support and address your menopause needs.


Calming Anxiety & Stress