Functional Reflex Therapy

A practical workshop that helps parents and carers develop simple techniques to promote calm and lessen anxiety in children with autism.

You’ll learn 8 simple reflexology movements to crate a hand and foot routine that promotes calm and reduces stress caused by changes in routine such as moving between activities or getting home from school.

Suitable for school age children upwards, working through a gentle reflexology session can help parent and child feel closer. Every child has different needs, and techniques can be adapted during the workshops as needed.

The workshops are fun, informative and delivered in two sessions which are approximately 2 hours each and are set a week apart which allows time for parents to practice the techniques before the next session.

Session 1 – covers the hand routine and the benefits of Functional Reflex Therapy

Session 2 – covers the foot routine and how to develop the FRT toolkit and its importance.

A FRT toolkit and products are available to purchase on the day but all other materials are provided in the cost of the course.

Functional Reflex Therapy