My range of workshops for schools, adults and children help you to develop skills and routines to reduce stress, build confidence and improve communication.

The benefits of reflexology, massage and aromatherapy in aiding calm and reducing stress and anxiety have been well-documented. If you need help calming and communicating with children, fun ways to improve confidence or gift ideas for adults interested in learning about aromatherapy, contact me to find out about workshop dates.

Story Massage for Parents

As with the Story massage for Schools, this workshop focuses on teaching parent and child simple movements they can combine with story-telling. 

Story Massage - Schools

All children love stories. This simple learning technique combines 10 basic movements with creative story telling in a light and non-intrusive manner

Gentle Touch Reflexology

This alternative reflexology workshop is wonderful for parents working with babies and small children.

Functional Reflexology

A practical workshop that helps parents and carers develop simple techniques to promote calm and lessen anxiety in children with autism.

Let's Talk Menopause

There’s a lot of talk about menopause at the moment. It seems to be the hot topic! 

Stress Less, Age Well

A day of mindfulness, focused on you.

Aroma Balance

If you are interested in aromatherapy then this is the workshop for you.