I dream of a stress free life, where my family are happy, my house is sparkling clean, work is running smoothly and I have plenty of time to do all the jobs that I have been putting off, but that’s not how life is and I am just like everyone else I have to juggle home, work and the family and this in turn can get me feeling over whelmed and stressed.

Stress comes in many forms and we don’t need a study to tell us this, one form of stress that is on the rise is workplace stress. Workplace stress isn’t just about that deadline that is around the corner or a difficult decision that needs making that may affect other staff its about being overworked, under supported and an uncertain future.

This in turn causes stressed employees which are more likely to take more time off feeling less motivated and focused on the tasks ahead. One study even shows that stress in the workplace costs UK companies £6.5 billion every year.

Simplify your Schedule

So, what can you do to help yourself at work if you work in a stressful workplace?
1. Beat the burnout by setting boundaries and learning to set realistic deadlines
2. Reduce that temptation to overwork and stay late
3. Take more breaks from your desk giving your eyes a break from computer screens and that doesn’t mean start looking at your mobile phone!
4. If you are feeling the strain talk to your employer about your struggles.

Supporting Employees

What can you suggest to your company about tackling workplace stress? one of the first options is to ask your company to adopt a wellbeing day once a month, or ask your company to carry out a stress risk assessment and from these results they can address any issues and hopefully find a solution.

Corporate Wellbeing Packages

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to look at massage or reflexology. You don’t even have to visit a clinic, as simple treatments can be carried out at your business. Just stop off at a quiet corner in the office and enjoy a short 20/30 min treatment from a qualified therapist like myself.
My Workplace Wellbeing Packages are designed to help companies reduce stress, improve health and boost morale in their workforce. Each package is tailored to meet the issues you face in your industry, with a focus on diet, exercise and stress management. I work with a team of experts to address each area and help you create a healthy, happy and productive environment.


If you would like to implement a wellbeing package at your company get in touch today, I would love to speak to you!