Are you preparing for the Christmas season with joy – or with dread for the task ahead. If the stress is getting to you, then a treatment of reflexology or reiki may be just what you need to put a little more cheer in the festivities.

Can you hear the jingle of bells and the rustle of wrapping paper? Christmas is coming – and there’s so much to do. There’s present shopping and party planning, food to prepare and the panto to book. All in all, it’s a frantic and stressful time of the year, as we add more and more to our already stuffed daily calendars.

The key to getting through the season with goodwill is to keep a balance between enjoying the time out, and not dashing headlong into the mulled wine. Not only is our day now packed with extra things we mustn’t forget, like ordering the turkey a month ahead or choosing a tie for Uncle Fred, there’s all that delicious food to enjoy. Mince pies, brandy cream, truffles, boxes of sweets, the work party, dinner with friends – the amount of sugar and fattening food on offer quadruples, as does the amount we drink.

As our routine and digestion are blown away, it’s no wonder we start to feel fraught. Tensions rise along with the pressure – and before you know it, we feel completely exhausted.

There is a way to reduce the impact of the festivities – so that you end the year feeling relaxed, focused and ready to leap into 2018. Take time out to restore peace and calm to your mental and physical health. Plan some time for yourself, and book in a treatment that helps restore inner calm.

Reflexology to restore balance and energy

Reflexology is a great way to restore some balance. The calming peace of a clinic automatically helps you relax, away from home and work. Then the treatment itself – a gentle pressure on your hand or foot, working through the meridian points – will remove blockages and imbalances throughout your body.

Reflexology works on the principle that the structures of the body are reflected in the feet – like a control panel for your system. By touching the right points, your trained reflexologist can identify and release tensions throughout the body. While you relax, your therapist is at work improving your circulation and your energy flow. Toxins are removed – and you’ll feel refreshed.

Reiki to improve indigestion and self-healing

Reiki is another non-invasive treatment that is perfect for stressful times of the year. This gentle treatment lowers your heart rate and blood pressure – reducing the stress and anxiety in your body. By gentle touch, your therapist focuses healing energy into the areas most of your body that are most tired and stressed.

So, if you have been indulging a little too much, a reiki treatment can help soothe the pains of indigestion and focus healing energy into liver and kidneys, encouraging the digestive system to start self-healing.

After either treatment you’ll be left with a sense of peace and well-being – and feel ready to head on to the next festivity with a lighter step.