This New Year make yourself your first resolution

It’s New Year, and everyone is talking about resolutions. Losing weight, getting fit, spending more time with family – but could our resolutions actually be doing more harm to our wellbeing than good?

What? How can losing weight be bad for our wellbeing? The problem with resolutions is that we have good intentions, but we don’t all stick to our plans. Our resolutions become a nagging chore, rather than a pleasure, and end up making us feel worse about ourselves.

So, let’s make some different resolutions this year. The primary one being, let’s focus on ourselves.

Making you your resolution

While you are rushing about looking after family and work, who is looking after you. Just like an engine, you can’t keep powering along without refilling, or sooner or later you will be burnt out. It’s important to take some time for yourself.

Get out your diary, select a day, or 10 minutes every day, or 30 minutes twice a week, and mark that time out, just like you would any other appointment. Because we all know that if you don’t make it official, something else will come along. Now – what are you going to do with your time?

Exercise – for pleasure

How often are you told you need to exercise for your health? That’s all very well, but you do need to enjoy the activity you take up. Whether you try yoga, swimming or cycling, or simply walk every day, make sure it’s fun. You’re more likely to stick to it, and regular exercise not only makes you feel better about yourself, it helps you sleep better too – all great for your wellbeing.

Read a book

Do you consider yourself to be a big reader – but when you look back, you can’t think of the last time you actually sat down to read? Now’s the time. You’ve bookmarked your 30 minutes a day. Grab a coffee, find a comfy spot and get reading. Taking time for something you enjoy is not wrong, and you don’t need to feel guilty; it is good for your mind to relax.

Find some balance

Sometimes we all need a little help, and that includes taking care of our health and wellbeing. Book yourself in for a treatment. A relaxing facial will re-hydrate tired skin and reduce headaches and tension caused by stress, while reflexology works on pressure points, releasing tension throughout the body, improving your circulation and restoring balance to your body. Whichever treatment you choose, consider it an essential part of your self-care regime.

Laugh more

Never underestimate the power of laughter. A good laugh relaxes your body, releases endorphins that help you to feel good, and decreases your stress hormones. Which means spending time with friends isn’t just fun, it’s an essential part of your wellbeing management plan. Better book that lunch date now.

It’s been a long year. So if you feel a bit worn out after the festive season and need a lift, make sure you make you your first resolution.