January is a bit of a funny month, full of ups and down. Firstly there’s the initial exhaustion, mentally and physically, after a festive season of indulgence and late nights. We follow this with a surge of energy as we start a new year, full of promise, fresh starts, good intentions and resolutions.

By the middle of January it’s all becoming a little bit more routine. We’re slowing down again and reaching the end of the month feels like a bit of a slog. Now is the time that all those gym memberships and diets seem less of a great idea and more of a chore. In fact, January 20th is the date most people give up on their resolutions.

Now is the best time for a little pick-me-up. Something to restore the body, refresh the mind and help us feel rejuvenated. After all the ups and downs, now’s the time to bring back some balance and harmony to our wellbeing.

Dry January and sugar addiction

There’s plenty of talk about Dry January, and giving the liver a month off alcohol. However, medical experts are divided over the benefits, with some suggesting that one month off from heavy drinking really has no long term effect on the health of your liver. In fact, it may instead give you a false sense of security – leading to more alcohol in February to make up for missing out the month before.

That’s not to say you should quit now, if you are taking part. Your liver will benefit in the short term – but to maintain good health, be aware of how much you drink in the month’s that follow.

It’s not just alcohol consumption that increases throughout December. There’s all that sugar too. Most of us have a sugar addiction, whether we realise it or not. And as we start dieting in January we cut out sweets, ice cream and tasty treats with the best of intentions, not realising that sneaky sugar is in salad creams, tomato sauce and even in bread.

Reflexology for detoxing

Maintaining a completely healthy, sugar and alcohol-free diet may seem daunting – but there are other ways to help your body detox and remove the build up from December.

Reflexology is a great treatment to help your body flush out toxins from the liver and kidneys. Gentle pressure on the right area of your feet or hands stimulates your organs to release the toxins that have built up from alcohol, sugars, cigarettes, medicines and so on. Your circulation will improve, boosting lymphatic movement and removing those waste materials.

You’ll also feel more relaxed as the stress leaves your body – after all, stress produces the hormone cortisol, another toxin that will be flushed out as part of your reflexology treatment.
As the toxins are broken down and more oxygen and nutrients are delivered around the body by your improved circulation, you’ll feel more energetic. This, combined with the reduction of cortisol, will help you feel more motivated – and able to continue with your other resolutions, giving you a fantastic boost in self-confidence when you complete them.

By the end of a gentle session of reflexology you’ll feel far more balanced, and ready to face the rest of January – whether that’s dry or not.