Have you noticed any physical changes to your gut health since the coronavirus lockdown? Normally you feel bloated and suffer from constipation during a festive season or celebration but many of my clients have reported that even though they haven’t changed their diet during the pandemic they are experiencing these uncomfortable feelings at the moment.
Constipation can be caused by poor diet and stress and symptoms can be relieved by making dietary and lifestyle changes but there are other ways of relieving the pain especially if its not due to diet.

Embrace Exercise

We maybe having to social distance at the moment but exercise is great for getting our digestive systems working correctly. Exercise helps constipation by lowering the time it takes food to move through the large intestine. This is turn limits the amount of water your body absorbs from the stool stopping hard, dry stools from occurring. Exercise also helps the intestine wall muscles to work correctly by stimulating the natural squeezing motion which in turn helps the stools to move quickly along the intestine tract.
So, now’s a great time to dust off your trainers and get out and about in the fresh air for a walk, cycle or run!

Using the Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils treat digestive upsets holistically, addressing both the root of the causes such as anxiety, and providing relief from symptoms.
Abdominal massage is an effective way to treat constipation and is easily self-administered. Cooling spearmint essential oil is extremely soothing for the digestion and can calm nausea and indigestion and can improve a sluggish system. Why not try this stimulating spearmint massage.

2tbsp – Grapeseed Oil
5 drops of spearmint essential oil
5 drops of pine essential oil
5 drops of Rosemary essential oil

Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl. Transfer to a sterilized dark glass bottle and seal.
Massage clockwise onto the abdomen and allow the oil to absorb before getting dressed. Store the oil in a dark place and this will keep up to 3 months.

Hand Reflexology

A great way to help relieve constipation and stomach upsets is to try some hand reflexology why not try these simple techniques at home for 5 minutes every day on both hands. Work the right hand first, using your left hand and then swap hands. I have included some diagrams below to show you where the reflexes are situated.


Using your thumbs push/slide across the area of the small intestine.
Use your thumb or finger to circle in a clockwise direction over the ileocecal valve reflex.
Use your knuckles to work in a clockwise direction over the large intestine reflex.
Use your thumb or finger to circle in a clockwise direction over the rectum/anus reflex.
Use your thumb to work firmly along the spine reflex (from the top of the thumb to the base of the hand)


If you would like any further information on how I can help you through reflexology give me a call.