To look in someone’s eyes is a great privilege, a single glance will signal the mood of the moment – happiness, despair, anger, shyness, disapproval, boredom, fear and much more but on a deeper level, examination of the irises reveals the blueprint of the inner world of a person – the inherited strengths and weaknesses and the acquired factors which make up a person, and which help access the current health picture.

What is Iridology?

Iridology is a simple, immediate and non-invasive way of telling where the pain/inflammation is in the body with magnification, an Iridologist is able to see a very personal map, like a fingerprint, of the bodies physiological conditions, psychological health risks, challenges and strengths of various organs but as well as showing physical attributes it will also help to identify various personality factors which will lead the practitioner towards a better understanding of their clients. It is when the whole package (physical, mental and spiritual etc) is put together that a client has all the information required in order to understand where they are at that time in terms of health status and to make an informed choice and giving the opportunity to heal and prevent potential problems that will arise through incorrect living habits.

Iris analysis can reveal

  1. The inherited constitution of a person
  2. Areas of adequate or insufficient vitality
  3. Areas showing functional balance or imbalance
  4. Emotional and personality patterns
  5. Ph potential
  6. Toxicity potential
  7. Tendencies towards various conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or skin conditions
  8. Catarrhal states

Fancy Trying It?

After having a consultation with Alan Payne in 2017 I was blown away from what he told me about my body and what was causing my digestive problems and once I had made the dietary changes I regained my health so I knew then I needed to learn more about this therapy. I qualified in Iridology in November 2019 after a lengthy and in-depth course and my goal today is a simple one, to help others improve their health, iridology combined with my holistic therapies will educate people with what is going on in their body’s.

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