I’ve worked for many years as a reflexologist, and love the amazing benefits it has for the body. So when I heard about Gentle Touch Reflexology, and how it can deliver those same benefits to children and babies, well, I had to know more.


Gentle Touch Reflexology focuses on using specific techniques and a very light touch to aid in relaxation – different to ‘normal reflexology’ which uses firm pressure to manipulate specific points of the foot. The lighter touch makes this the perfect treatment for babies and is a wonderful way for parents to calm and soothe fretful children.

I was so impressed, I qualified in Gentle Touch and have been offering it as a treatment or workshop ever since.

Working with children

One of my passions has always been on developing better health and wellbeing for children. Finding ways to calm distressed children is great for any parent and child – we all know how heart-breaking it is to hold our screaming baby, in pain from stomach aches and colic, and feel unable to help them.

By using the techniques of Gentle Touch Reflexology, we can bring about an increased sense of wellbeing, and a sense of calm relaxation. The gentle movements and a light massage encourage the body’s own healing process – which can help sooth a fretful baby, calm the symptoms of colic and promote a deep sleep.

We often think that children live in a delightful world of play, oblivious to any issues going on around them. The reality is that they can feel just as stressed by situations at school or in the home as we do. Stress has a severe impact on our mental wellbeing, and children are no different, although their reactions may seem more like bad temper, anxiety or becoming withdrawn.

Using Gentle Touch, we can assist them in relaxing and focusing, and help improve self-confidence.

The use of a gentle touch

From the moment a child is born they respond best to skin to skin contact. The comforting touch of a parent when they are ill, or a hug when they are hurt – it all helps restore a sense of security and peace. It’s no wonder that children also enjoy the lighter pressure of Gentle Touch. Simple sessions can help release tension and anxiety, and lessen the tantrums or displays of temper that accompany intense emotions.

A child that is stressed or anxious from new experiences, such as starting school, for example, may be helped by a simple, calming reflexology routine.

Reflexology has also been shown to improve digestive issues, and cope with pains caused by colic. Relaxing the body, reliving the tension in digestion and calming the mind – all great reasons to try Gentle Touch Reflexology.

Workshops for parents

Of course, a parent can’t bring a baby to see a trained Gentle Touch Reflexologist every time they have stomach ache. It’s just not practical. I provide workshops that, over a series of sessions, teach parents the movements used in Gentle Touch, as well as an understanding of reflexology to appreciate how each light touch helps corresponding parts of the body.

Giving a dad the ability to sooth a child suffering from colic, or helping a mum find a way to gently touch, and calm, with an anxious toddler – it’s what makes Gentle Touch Reflexology so much more than just a treatment – it really can help change your family life.

If you want to find out more about Gentle Touch, please get in touch. I’d love to answer any questions and see how this fantastic method can help you. The next courses start in September 2018.