I am passionate about the benefits that reflexology brings to your health, so I’m always looking for ways to specialise and hone my skills to help spread more wellbeing. What could be more wonderful than using my expertise to bring happiness to a whole family?

For the last few months I’ve been working with the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. This organisation was formed in 2011 by Barbara Scott, a reflexologist of over 20 years who specialises in helping men and women with fertility issues. Since then they have gone on to train a growing number of reflexologists in this speciality, and I’m proud to be one of them.

Fertility and reflexology

A GP cannot generally help couples until they have been trying to conceive for over 12 months. When you are ready to start your family, 12 months can seem like forever. The emotional toll alone can be harmful to your mental wellbeing – and also impacts on your physical body.

Reflexology can do a lot during that time to help your bodies prepare for pregnancy, for both men and women.    Concieving

– Reflexology is a natural therapy that helps your body to balance. If you are suffering irregular monthly cycles, conceiving is made even more difficult. Bringing your body into balance will help to regulate your hormones and cycle.

– Everyday lives are stressful – we are constantly under pressure at work. Trying to conceive brings more pressure into your home as well. Regular reflexology will release tension and reduce stress, making your body more welcoming and ready to conceive.

– Stress also impacts on men – and they, after all, are part of the conception journey. Increased stress and lack of sleep can reduce sperm count. By balancing and regulating hormones with reflexology, men will be relax, sleep better, feel less stressed and produce more testosterone – all leading to healthier, active sperm.

Reproductive Reflexology treatments

You likely already know that reflexology involves a gentle pressure on the hands and feet, that releases tension and blockages in corresponding parts of the body. When you come for fertility reflexology treatments, we need to look in more detail at your lifestyle, before we begin treatment itself.

Your first appointment will be a 90 minute consultation while we review all of the information and begin your first treatment. Women will need to come weekly for at least the first month to begin regulating your cycle.

Women will need to chart your temperature and cycle, as there are specialised reflexology movements for each week of your cycle, relating to ovulation, menstruation and the weeks between.

Both men and women need to look at your diet and nutrition. I won’t be telling you what to eat, however I will consider and make recommendations based on your existing diet where simple tweaks could improve your chances of fertility.

Helping more families

Over the years I’ve met many parents at my Story Massage and Gentle Touch workshops, who share their stories of difficulties to conceive, and the stress and emotional impact on their lives and relationships. To know that I may, in some way, be able to help future parents, is a wonderful privilege.

If you are interested in finding out more about fertility massage please do get in contact. I’m pleased to be able to offer this treatment very soon, from my private clinic in Lichfield.