When I trained in beauty & holistic therapy almost 30 years ago, I didn’t give it much thought about where it would take me and I certainly didn’t believe I would be treating babies and children in the years to follow as we were always told that holistic therapies were for adults only! But as the years progressed it became clear just how beneficial massage and reflexology can be to support the young.

When my son was born, I really wanted to go along to a baby massage class even though I knew how to massage. I wanted to meet other parents, only to be disappointed to find that there were no local classes! This gave me something to think about when I was ready to return to work.  I had already decided that I would start my own business so as soon as my son was two years old, I decided to get my qualification to provide baby massage classes in the Lichfield area. In 2009 I passed my diploma in Baby Massage and ran my first class. Since then, I’ve run wellbeing classes for babies which include massage, reflexology and story massage.

So, what are the benefits of reflexology and massage for children?

One of the greatest things about a parent learning massage and reflexology for their baby or child is that it helps to support the bonding process at any age. Parents are often busy and living inside their heads in the first few months so coming along to the classes gives them some quiet and settled time with their babies/child. I always remember one of my first parents that came along with her 6-month-old saying that her elder child who was 7 at the time never liked to be hugged. But as soon as she was practicing the movements at home on her baby that we had covered that week her elder son wanted to join in and help. I am so happy to report he is 19 years old now and she still tells me he always gives her a hug when he comes home from university now! How lovely is that!

When teaching groups of parents or carers, the parents are the only people to touch their child, while I use a dummy doll to demonstrate the different techniques supported by various charts. We cover the five essential reflexes relating to head, bowels, solar plexus and spine which covers feeding, digestion, sleeping, soothing and wellbeing.

Benefits to BabiesBenefits to Children
Calming and relaxingCalming and Relaxing
Aids restful sleepImproves concentration and focus
Helps to boost the immune systemHelps to boost their immune system
Improves digestive functionImproves self-confidence / self-esteem
Helps to alleviate colicHelps to address headaches, tummy aches and no- specific symptoms
Improves ability to breastfeedAids sleep
Improves bonding between parent/carer and babyHelps painful joints

The joy of using reflexology and massage with children is that you give them the place and space to be who they are.

If you’re not convinced – well you’ll never know until you try it. Baby massage and reflexology is a lovely way to bond with your child. If you’re ready to give it a go, take a look at the next classes available on my website.