I love the sun, don’t you? However, with such conflicting information in the news we aren’t sure if we should go out in the sun to get our daily dose of vitamin D or keep covered up and avoid the sun altogether to reduce the risk of skin cancer! Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise in Australia causing skeletal deformities in children and muscular weakness and frail bones in adults because for years they have been advised to stay out of the sun or plaster the sun screen on. Its not surprising we are confused.

After the recent UK heatwave during lockdown and the amount of people flocking to the beaches in such high temperatures it seems that here in the UK, the message is just as confusing or is it a case we don’t care? I have always known that moderate sun exposure is good for us to provide that natural dose of Vitamin D but spending too much time bathing in the sun speeds up the ageing process and causes some serious health issues such as dehydration, sunburn and worse. So today I am celebrating Stay out of the Sun Day!

So, what is Stay out of the Sun Day? Well is all about looking after yourself and taking that one day off from sitting in the sun. Why not celebrate with me by grabbing a book and a long cooling drink and sit in the shade just for today.

Risks of Sun Exposure

Most of us know that the main risk of sun exposure is premature aging of the skin, risk of skin cancer and eye damage but did you know that too much sun exposure can put your immune system at risk, white blood cells are working to protect the body all the time and when the skin gets burnt these cells help create new cells to help the skin to repair but this in turn puts your immune system at risk in other areas. Each time you are exposed to the sun without sun protection, you are putting pressure on these cells and aging your skin faster and encouraging lines and wrinkles to form!


How Can I Help?

The slogan Slip, Slap, Slop and wrap is a great way to remember but if you haven’t heard of that it basically means apply that sun protection and then cover up! But are you like me and look at the different chemicals that are in many of our well-known brands of sun creams? Its scary to think that these chemicals penetrate the skin and enter our blood stream, they can be just as harmful as sitting in the sun without sun cream! This is one of the reasons I started using the wonderful Tropic skincare products, their ground breaking range of water-resistant sun protection uses certified reef-safe ingredients such as coconut and green algae extracts and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.
So, if you want to protect your skin from harmful ingredients and protect the planet at the same time then take a look at my skincare website and check out the sun care range.


But if you’re not joining me on Stay out of the Sun Day today don’t forget that sun cream, lip balm and those sunglasses and stay safe!