It’s Valentine’s Day – traditionally a day of romance and cards, roses and gifts. Here’s a much better idea – let’s forget all that couples nights out stuff and think about you. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day – and the whole of February – about Loving Yourself.

The idea of loving yourself is not new, of course. You’ve heard it before – but what does it mean? It’s about listening to your body and your mind, and taking some time to find out hear what they are telling you. A great night’s sleep, time in the gym or a laughter-filled night out with friends. There’s no rules about what you need to do for yourself – you just have to set aside an hour or two to do it.

So here’s my top 5 ideas for taking some time out to Love Yourself.

1. Spend time alone

If you’re a working parent, particularly for women, it can be hard to get time alone. You’re always busy with family, colleagues or friends. When was the last time you were completely alone?

Plan a few hours, or a whole day, when you can hand responsibility for kids, house, dogs and chores to your partner or a helpful friend – and do something alone. Leave the house or you’ll be distracted.

Go out for a meal, or watch a film in the cinema. Enjoy a walk or go to your local pool and swim. Whatever you choose, just take some time to listen to your own thoughts and see what comes up.

2. Get moving

One of the best ways to take time for yourself is to go for a walk. Head off to woods, discover the nearest canal path or go to your local park. Try visiting somewhere new, breath in plenty of fresh air and enjoy the time away from noise and screens. You’ll feel revitalised.

3. Be kind to yourself

Pay yourself a compliment. Say it out loud. Say it again, and again, until you say it like you mean it. Be firm, and loud with yourself.

You might feel a little silly to begin with, but stick with it – it really does make you feel more confident.

4. Cook yourself a healthy meal

In our busy lives it’s all too easy to grab fast food or rush through dinner – and doesn’t it always feel like the easiest things to eat are the unhealthiest?

Find a healthy recipe, put the music on and turn that cooking time in the kitchen into another way of taking time for yourself. Eating a healthy meal will make you feel virtuous, and your body will feel happier too.

5. Treat your skin

A fantastic way to relax and de-stress is to take time for a treatment. Visit your local holistic therapist, and indulge yourself a little – you deserve it.

Enjoy a Pure Radiance Wild Rose Facial – 45 minutes of calm to let your mind unwind while nourishing your skin.

Or, discover a soothing Bergamot & Lavender Back, Neck and Face treatment. Bursting with anti-oxidant rich minerals and vitamins, you’ll feel relaxed, glowing and balanced, and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Take some time this February to Love Yourself – it might just become a habit you want to keep up.