The winter weather can have quite an impact on your skin, making it dry, red and irritated. Luckily there are some easy ways to look after it, starting your skin repairs now so you are all set for a healthy spring glow.

As we know, the weather in the UK is never predictable. One day it’s below zero, and the next a balmy 10 degrees. We’ve had strong winds, torrential rain and some lovely warm sunshine. And after that we all come indoors to central heating, log fires and long hot baths – all of which dry out the air and skin a bit more.

Luckily there are some simple ways to look after our skin and some lovely treatments that will leave your face feeling fresh and youthful.

Simple steps for hydrated skin

A quick and easy way to start, if you can stand to, is turn down the heating and take shorter showers. Place a bowl of water near your radiators, and it will slowly evaporate, adding a little moisture to the air.

Hydration is not only for the warm summer months – your skin needs plenty of water all year round. Remember to sip water throughout the day. Cut down on coffee and try drinking a green tea which is full of anti-oxidants instead.

Consider a new skin care routine with Tropic

You may already have a daily skin care routine – but do you adapt it to the weather and time of year? In winter, when your skin is already feeling drier and more sensitive, a gentle cleanser is more important.

I’ve recently trialed the range of skin care products from Tropic, and am so impressed I’ll be introducing them to my treatments as well. And it’s not just me – my clients are reporting fabulous results as well.

Gayle E says, “After years of trying to find a skin product that I don’t react to, I love the Tropic cleanser and toner. My skin has cleared right up, no more blemishes, and the moisturiser is really nice – not too oily. It soaks in nicely so I don’t feel like I’m wearing a thick layer on my skin.”

On top of the basic set, Tropic also offer a choice of moisturising and hydrating masks, oils and serums. The Fruit Peel resurfacing serum is a lovely light treatment to brighten rough and uneven skin – and very simple to use.

Treat yourself in February for a facial and try Tropic for yourself

Changing your skin care products can be a costly risk, if you are not sure they will be right for you. But I’m so sure you will love the Tropic range I’ve decided to put together a fabulous February offer.

My holistic facial treatment is a wonderful way to give your skin repair a boost, and treat yourself to some relaxing time out as well. This month I’ll be using Tropic products during the facial, giving you the chance to test the results yourself. So, check out the offer and book yourself in.

Fabulous February Offer

Book yourself in for a holistic facial this month and you’ll receive an additional eye therapy treatment for free.

Book in for two holistic facials in one month – and receive the second at half price.

Have a wonderful month.